Reasons Why You Have Bad Breath

If you suffer from bad breath or breath odor, the one thing you should know is that you aren’t alone. But it also doesn’t mean you just ignore it. There are several possible causes for this condition and the good news is all of them can be addressed and ultimately avoided. Probably the reason why you still have that awful breath of yours is because you’re totally clueless as to where you’re getting it.

Bad breath is the ultimate turnoff.

1 – The first and most common cause of bad breath is the inability to brush and floss regularly. Regular in this case means doing it every day and at least twice each day. The reason why this needs to be done on a mundane basis is because every single time you put food in your mouth, be it liquid or solid, there will instantly be a collection of bacteria. Bacteria are the reason for bad breath. If you don’t brush and floss regularly, the food particles trapped in between your teeth, those on the tongue, as well as around the gums will turn into rotting junk inside your mouth, thereby producing a very bad odor.

2 – In connection to the first cause, bad breath also comes from the kind of food you eat. While there are those that actually promote pleasant breath and healthy teeth and gums like apples and vegetables, there are others that will ruin your breath if you always eat them and always forget to rinse, brush, and floss. The list includes garlic and onions. If you smoke tobacco, you likely will have bad breath, too. What really happens is that when the food is absorbed into your bloodstream, it will be transferred to the lungs and is expelled by breathing.

3 – Another possible reason for your unpleasant breath is a condition called “xerostomia.” Well, it’s actually commonly known as dry mouth and will happen once you have an abnormally low production of saliva in your mouth. Saliva is there for good reason – it serves as the cleanser o the mouth and works by removing any food debris or tiny particles that contribute to the production of bad odor. People suffer from dry mouth due to salivary gland problems, taking of specific drugs and medication, and breathing through the mouth.

4 – Finally, you may not be aware of it but bad breath could be a sign of a more serious medical condition or illness. For instance, infections in your respiratory tract or illnesses like postnasal drip, diabetes, chronic bronchitis, and chronic sinusitis can all lead to bad breath. Likewise a kidney and/or liver problem can cause bad odor in your breath, too.

To know more about what could possibly be the cause of your bad breath, the best and smartest course of action is visiting the dentist. In fact, bad breath in its entirety could be prevented right before it happens if you only schedule regular dentist appointments. Not a lot of people love the idea of going to the dentist but the only way to ensure good dental and oral health is to see the dentist.

Reasons Why You Have Bad Breath

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